The Miracle 11

As dusk fell over Superior, Wisconsin on Saturday, November 2nd, two small planes filled with skydivers embarked for an evening jump. As the planes reached their jumping altitude of 12,000 feet, they collided in mid-air. The force of the impact caused one of the planes to break into pieces, strewing flaming debris across the sky and falling onto the airport, fairgrounds, and golf course. At the time of the crash, the nine skydivers, five on one plane and four on the second plane, had been preparing to jump. All nine divers were able to jump free of the planes. The pilot of the plane that broke apart and eventually crashed was able to use his emergency parachute to jump from the burning plane as it fell. The second pilot was able to land his damaged plane safely.

Miraculously, all nine of the skydivers and the two pilots landed without serious injury.